When might these projects take place?

The study speaks to timing for these projects primarily from the perspective of when traffic volumes are expected to reach a point where improvements are ‘warranted’.  In a broad sense, intersection improvements around the Quaker/Hadley intersection are justified by 2025.  Other improvements are spaced out in 10-year intervals from there.  All of the projects referenced in the study require additional steps be taken to set aside funding, select engineering consultants, and further define project scoping and impacts.  An example where these additional steps play a critical role is considering the proposed underpass of Quaker Boulevard.  While this improvement will require INDOT approval, the impacts to their interchange justify the Town planning for this improvement to be constructed earlier than what might be needed strictly from a traffic capacity benefit.

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1. What does scope and alignment mean?
2. When might these projects take place?
3. How does the Town of Plainfield and INDOT work together on the projects highlighted in these studies?
4. What are the impacts to local businesses in this area?
5. What are the impacts to the local residents in this area?
6. Will the public have more opportunities to give feedback?
7. How will we be notified about these projects once they’re approved?