What is a flushing operation?

Water main flushing is a routine operation done to clean and maintain our water system. During this activity, water is forced through underground water mains at high speed and flushed out of the fire hydrants to remove accumulated sediment. 

This flushing is done until the water coming out through the main runs clear. This is done one section at a time until each section runs clear. This operation can take a few minutes to several hours.

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1. What is a flushing operation?
2. Why is this maintenance important?
3. When will the flushing maintenance be conducted?
4. What will happen in my neighborhood?
5. What will happen in my home or business?
6. Is the water safe to drink?
7. What is the schedule and how can I be notified?
8. Doesn’t this flushing operation waste water?
9. How often is flushing conducted?