What should I do with my old Ray’s Trash bin and tote?

WM will pick up and recycle the old Ray’s Trash bins and totes when they deliver the new carts the week of May 1st and May 7th.  

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1. Do I have to visit one of the five cart sites to make my selection?
2. How do I make my cart-size selection?
3. Do residents have to pay for the carts?
4. How frequently will my recyclables be picked up?
5. How will I differentiate my waste collection cart from my recycling cart?
6. What should I do with my old Ray’s Trash bin and tote?
7. What should I do with my privately-owned trash bins?
8. What if I do not want to participate in the recycling program?
9. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my collection service?
10. If residents would like additional carts, because they have more waste than 1-cart, what is the process of getting additional carts?
11. I live outside of Town limits, what does this program mean for me?
12. I do not have room in my garage for these carts, and my HOA does not allow carts to be stored outdoors. What should I do?
13. Is my trash fee increasing?
14. What if I do not see my question on this list?
15. How will residents dispose of their yard trimmings?