Do I have to visit one of the five cart sites to make my selection?

No, the carts are on location at the Government Center, Richard A. Carlucci Recreation & Aquatic Center, Plainfield Guilford Township Public Library, DPW Garage and Grace Point Church for those who are not comfortable selecting a size without seeing it in person.

By default, a 96-gallon cart for waste collection and a 96-gallon cart for recycling will be provided.

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1. Do I have to visit one of the five cart sites to make my selection?
2. How do I make my cart-size selection?
3. Do residents have to pay for the carts?
4. How frequently will my recyclables be picked up?
5. How will I differentiate my waste collection cart from my recycling cart?
6. What should I do with my old Ray’s Trash bin and tote?
7. What should I do with my privately-owned trash bins?
8. What if I do not want to participate in the recycling program?
9. Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my collection service?
10. If residents would like additional carts, because they have more waste than 1-cart, what is the process of getting additional carts?
11. I live outside of Town limits, what does this program mean for me?
12. I do not have room in my garage for these carts, and my HOA does not allow carts to be stored outdoors. What should I do?
13. Is my trash fee increasing?
14. What if I do not see my question on this list?
15. How will residents dispose of their yard trimmings?