What if it looks like my water usage has gone up?

Water usage tends to increase in the summer season, that is why the Town of Plainfield offers the Summer Sewer Rate. Summer Sewer Rates are a set rate for residents, who apply, to alleviate any substantial increase in bills as they anticipate increased water usage. This is mainly because the Town understands that much of the extra water being used over the summer goes into the ground rather than travelling through the wastewater treatment system. When the Summer Sewer Program ends on November 1st of each year, customers may notice a change in their monthly bill.

Customers must drop off applications for the program along with the $50 application fee in person. Applications are due May 15th each year, after that date the application fee increases to $60. Each year the Summer Sewer Program must be passed by Town Council before any application are accepted. 

If you see an extreme increase in your water usage, you may have a leak. If you suspect this, please call the Utility Billing office to arrange a leak test, 317-837-0000. 

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