What is the timing of the development plan?

Conceptual Downtown Redevelopment Plans are "living documents" that establish appropriate quality, character, scale, and materiality of projects that will contribute to the feel of Plainfield. The consultants involved in this plan have estimated the full build-out of the plan to be 15 to 20 years. An initial phasing plan has been developed and included as part of the Redevelopment Plan. The Town will continue to refine the phasing of the public improvements and investment. As the phasing is determined, it will be posted to the website. 

The Town is working now on public infrastructure projects in the area, which may start as early as 2018. Based on interest expressed by the development community, it is anticipated that the initial private investment by developers will coincide with the public investment. The intent of the plan is to allow the private market to dictate the timing. The Redevelopment Plan provides a guide for individual developer decisions.

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