What does TAC stand for and who should attend?

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) committee usually meets twice a month and is comprised of Staff personnel representing the following departments:

  • The Building and Engineering Department
  • Department of Planning and Zoning
  • The Fire Department
  • Public Works
  • The Town Manager
  • The Transportation Director

Purpose of the Committee

The committee is used to review requests that have been filed with the Department of Planning and Zoning and as a forum for a Pre-filing Conference. TAC allows Staff personnel involved in the development process and petitioners, engineers or whomever, the opportunity to meet together so that any development issues with filed or soon to be filed requests can be worked out to keep projects moving and prevent any future potential problems. To request a Pre-filing Conference at TAC, please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning by calling 317-839-2561.

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