Police Department of Plainfield Detective Division

Captain Scott Arndt Office 317-838-3565 ext: 227
scott.arndt@plainfieldpd.org Captain Arndt has been in law enforcement for over 26 years and has over 22 years of investigative experience. He is a graduate of PELA (Police Executive Leadership Academy). Captain Arndt oversees all aspects of the investigative division and serves as the Interrnal Affairs Investigator for the department. Captain Arndt previously served as a tank commander in the US Army.

Lieutenant Brian Fowler

Office 317-838-3565 ext: 215
brian.fowler@plainfieldpd.org Detective Lieutenant Fowler was assigned to the Investigations Division in 2008. He is a CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) operator, is trained in "Finding Words" as a child crimes investigator and served on the Susie's Place Steering Committee. Detective Fowler previously served as a submariner in the US Navy.

Sergeant Joe Aldridge

Office: 317-838-3565 ext. 223
joseph.aldridge@plainfieldpd.org Detective Sergeant Joe Aldridge was assigned to the Investigations Division in 2006. He is a CVSA (Computer Voice Stress Analysis) operator and specializes in property crimes and in interviewing and interrogation. Detective Sergeant Aldridge has a Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree from the University of Indianapolis.

Corporal Justin Walker

Office 317-838-3565 ext: 220


Detective Alyson Ritter

Office 317-838-3565 ext: 239
alyson.ritter@plainfieldpd.org Detective Ritter was assigned to the Investigations division in 2004. She is a leading child exploitation investigator. She has specialized training in Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigations, 'Finding Words', and Child Abuse Forensic Investigations. She is a former Combat Medic in the US Army.

Detective Brian Bugler

Office 317-838-3565 ext: 260
brian.bugler@plainfieldpd.org Detective Bugler has a Law Enforcement degree from Vincennes University. Detective Bugler was assigned to the Investigations Division in 2008. He has specialized training in financial crimes investigations, sexual assault investigations, and forensic interviewing.

Evidence Technician Jerry Pettit

Office 317-838-3565 ext: 237