Building Department of Plainfield

The Building Department is responsible for reviewing the submittal of plans and drawings prior to the construction of a building or structure. The building department is also in charge of issuing permits within the town limits which include, but are not limited to, buildings, remodeling, room additions, pools, decks, and accessory buildings.

What building codes are used in the Town of Plainfield?

The Town of Plainfield adopted the Articles of Title 675 of the Indiana Administrative Code. For the current codes refer to; and for the State of Indiana amendments go here .

Building Permit Application

Plainfield has recently begun using iWorQ for permit management, and you can now apply online for building permits.  You will begin by signing up for iWorQ or logging in and filling out the form found at Plainfield's iWorQ site .

Complete the building permit application form and attach the plans required for the applicable Residential or Commercial project as detailed in the submittal and inspection procedures below.

Inspection Request Procedures

To access the Town's iWorQ inspection portal, click here .  For detailed instructions on how to use the portal, read this pdf: Contractor Portal - Inspection Requests.pdf .

Plan Submittal and Inspection Procedures




Plainfield has adopted a new Fee Schedule to take effect January 1, 2018.  Please see said ordinance here to be prepared for new costs for various permits and their associated fees.