Bark Park

Dogs at Play 2 Bark Park sign Dogs inside Bark Park

The Plainfield Bark Park is located at 1007 Longfellow Drive in Plainfield.

Annual Membership Pricing:

  • Members of the Rec Center -- $20/dog
  • Resident Non-Members -- $30/dog
  • Non-Resident/Non-Members -- $40/dog

All dogs must be registered to use the Bark Park. To register, owners should bring the registration form, membership fee, signed Waiver of Liability, signed Bark Park Rules acknowledgment, and completed and signed vaccination records to the front desk of the Recreation Center. (Please do not bring your dog.) When the registration process if fully completed, owners will receive a swipe card to gain access to the Bark Park.

The Bark Park is open from dawn to dusk every day. Parking is available at Swinford Park, and the Bark Park is located to the east of south east end of Swinford. Fees are intended to assist with a portion of the maintenance costs of the Bark Park. Users are encouraged to alert the Parks staff of any dogs that are too aggressive or are creating problems for other dogs. The Park is intended to be self-policing.

Click here to download the Bark Park Registration Form