About Us (Fire Territory)

Plainfield Fire Territory

The Plainfield Fire Territory, formerly the Plainfield Fire Department, provides fire protection, emergency medical, hazardous materials response, technical rescue and fire prevention services to the Southeast corner of Hendricks County. The Plainfield Fire Territory includes Guilford Township and the Town of Plainfield. The town includes parts of Guilford, Liberty and Washington townships in Hendricks County. This area has an estimated resident population of over 35,000.

The Plainfield Fire Territory operates from three fire stations and a fire headquarters. Three engine companies, one ladder company, three transporting paramedic units and one command vehicle are staffed twenty-four (24) hours a day. In addition, there is a support truck that pulls the rescue boat and the specially equipped Gator ATV.

There are six (6) full time administrative positions: Chief, Assistant Chief, Division Chief of Fire Prevention & Administration, Division Chief of EMS, Division Chief of Training & Safety and an Executive Assistant. The Executive Assistant is the only civilian position without emergency operations responsibilities. The emergency operations shift staff includes sixty six (66) sworn firefighters among three shifts. Each shift is led by a Battalion Chief, Captain, and three Lieutenants. All firefighters are EMT's and twenty three (23) are paramedics. They work a standard rotating shift of twenty-four (24) hours on-duty and forty-eight (48) hours off-duty. In addition, some of the shift personnel double as investigators and/or inspectors on their days off.

The Plainfield Fire Territory participates in the Hendricks County Rescue Task Force thru the Hendricks County Fire Chiefs Association. The task force was created to pool the resources of the Hendricks County fire departments, to enhance the response to technical rescue situations. Plainfield Fire Territory supplies support in all disciplines but has a leadership role in water/ice, rope, confined space and vehicle/machinery extrication rescues.

The Plainfield Fire Territory is the busiest fire department in Hendricks County, responding to more than 5,300 emergency calls annually. Almost 70% of those calls are emergency medical responses. The nature of the Plainfield jurisdiction includes a large industrial/warehouse district, numerous residential neighborhoods, a two large state correctional facilities, multiple retail complexes, and rural agricultural areas. This includes several miles of interstate and state highways. The proximity of Plainfield to the Indianapolis International Airport and the city of Indianapolis, contributes to the volume and nature of the emergency calls that the Plainfield Fire Territory receives.