US 40 INDOT Enhancement Project

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is embarking on a significant project aimed at improving the US 40 corridor in Plainfield. This project, extending from Raceway Road to Carr Road, focuses on enhancing both mobility and safety for all users, including pedestrians.

To ensure the success of this venture, INDOT is proactively seeking advanced right-of-way acquisition for approximately 5 acres of land at a single intersection. This strategic move, undertaken while the land remains vacant, minimizes potential challenges arising from land development between now and the project's construction phase.

As part of this project, INDOT recently solicited proposals from consultants to provide design services for future improvements along US 40, spanning from Raceway Road to Carr Road.

US 40, often referred to as Plainfield's 'Main Street,' is a critical federal highway managed by INDOT. In recognition of the urgent need for improvements addressing mobility, safety, and operational deficiencies, INDOT has formally designated construction funding for 2028. Hiring a consultant to assess the US 40 corridor marks the initial step in the project development process.

In the coming months, INDOT and the Town of Plainfield will collaborate to establish an online platform where project updates and detailed information will be available. For immediate inquiries or additional information, please contact INDOT via their portal or reach out to Scott Singleton, Director of Transportation for Plainfield, who can provide insights into the Town's preparations for coordinating with the State on these improvement plans.

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