Waste Collection

WM purchased key assets of Ray’s Trash Service, the largest independent recycling and waste disposal operation in the Indianapolis area. WM remains committed to providing the Greater Indianapolis region with quality recycling and waste disposal services for years to come, with an emphasis on supporting the cultivation of community vitality and sustainable growth in the region.

The Town of Plainfield continues to work with WM to improve waste collection within Town limits. WM will be implementing automated collection with standardized carts in the Town of Plainfield beginning in May. The Town of Plainfield is also adopting a town-wide recycling program as WM transitions to this automated service. This means each household will receive two WM standardized 96-, 64- or 35-gallon carts; one for waste collection and one for recycling.
These wheeled carts are easier to position, and cart lids will keep pests out of carts and reduce wind-blown litter. Automated collection with standardized carts is more efficient, cost-effective, safer, and greener for our community. Operated by a single driver from inside the truck, the automatic side loader utilizes a mechanical arm with a claw to pick up a cart from the curb. Service fees, as with everything, have increased. Therefore, the Town is reviewing fees and exploring new ways to manage the overall cost increases, and these automated systems will mean reduced overall costs for the Town and residents relative to the existing system. While ongoing cost review will continue with more information in the coming months, this automated system has become the standard for waste disposal.