Scoping & Alignment Study

The Plainfield Scoping & Alignment Study is a collaborative review of potential improvements that reflect the priorities of Town leadership. Projects are prioritized in the context of INDOT’s timing to replace the existing interchange with I-70 and Quaker Boulevard paired with the timed commitment to spend $20.5M of federal funds resulting from the relinquishment agreement of SR 267 to the Town and Hendricks County.

Project options were generally limited to improving two desired outcomes that were previously expressed as part of the Town’s agreement to accept SR 267:

  1. Create a new connection between old SR 267 and SR 67
  2. Improve local access to I-70

The Study offers extensive traffic capacity analysis of a collection of project alternatives considered.   These alternatives were presented as part of a public information meeting hosted on June 2nd.  Project recommendations were then made based upon a scoring matrix that reflects the main goals of the study.

Much of the Study’s focus tended toward improving local access to I-70.  The following improvements were recommended to improve traffic operations in and around the intersection of Quaker Blvd. and Hadley/Perry Roads:

  • Roundabout at Hadley Road & Gateway Drive
  • Free-flowing right turn lane from eastbound Hadley Road to southbound Quaker Blvd.
  • Restricted access of RI/RO at Perry Road and Cambridge Way

Additionally, the Study recommends a new underpass connection for improved connectivity between Cambridge Way and Gateway Drive.  Construction of this underpass is key to be timed with the design and construction of future interchange improvements being considered by INDOT.   The underpass will offer an immediate benefit by providing an alternative route for local trips within the Town’s Hospitality District.  This new local street connection also offers opportunities to further enhance connectivity, which is discussed more extensively in the Study.  This added connectivity is heavily influenced by the final interchange design, so while potential options are highlighted within the Study, more collaboration is needed to determine the value and details these concepts can offer.

While the Study does not identify a new connection between Quaker Boulevard (old SR 267) and SR 67 as a significant traffic capacity need, this project does continue to be a priority for the Town as part of the park planning that is underway for Sodalis Park.

On July 11th, the Plainfield Town Council took action to accept the recommendations of the Scoping and Alignment Study (Study) completed by American Structurepoint.

This Study offers some fairly significant projects that are likely to impact Town residents and businesses. Director of Transportation, Scott Singleton, can be contacted directly at [email protected] or 317-754-5388 with any questions you may have about the Study, its recommendations, or about any of the transportation planning that is underway.    

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