Land Use Matrix--Ordinance

Amendments to Title XV Land Usage, Chapter 154 Zoning Ordinance, Articles: 

2.1   RR Rural Residential District; 
2.2   R-1 Low Density Residential District; 
2.3   R-2 Low Density Residential District; 
2.4   R-3 Medium Density Residential District, 
2.5   R-4 Medium Density Residential District; 
2.6   R-5 High Density Residential District; 
2.7   R-6 High Density Residential District; 
2.8   TC Town Center District:
2.9   NR Neighborhood Retail Commercial District
2.10  OD Office District
2.11  GC General Commercial District
2.12  I-1 Research/Office Industrial District
2.13  I-2 Office/Warehouse Distribution District
2.14  I-3 Light Manufacturing District
2.15  I-4 Heavy Manufacturing District
2.16  AG Agriculture District
2.17  RU Urban Residential District
2.18  MU Mixed Use District
2.19  AC Automotive Commercial District
3.2    P Park District
3.3   S School District
3.4    REL Religious Use District
3.5    C-I Commercial-Industrial District
3.6    G Golf District
3.8    MUN Municipal Use District
3.9    HB: Highway Business District
13.2   Definitions

Enactment of Title XV Land Usage, Chapter 154 Zoning Ordinance, Articles:

14.0 Appendix
14.1 Land Use Matrix
14.2 Reserved
14.3 List of Planned Unit Developments


Positive recommendation to Town Council.  First of three readings on 8/8/2022

Remanded back to the Plan Commission for revision.  First reading: 8/8/2022, Second Reading: 8/22/2022.  Revisions to be reviewed by the Plan Commission on 9/8/2022 and 10/3/2022

Favorable recommendation to Town Council.  Third Reading scheduled for 10/10/2022

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