7 Brew

B&W Elevation view of proposed 7Brew Coffee

DP-22-025:  Petition Requesting Architectural and Site Design Approval for a proposed drive-through coffee establishment, requiring architectural material waivers and a Depth of Yard and/or Use of Yard Development Incentive

Location: 2501 East Main Street

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Hearing Information

Date: TBD
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Plainfield Fire Territory Headquarters.  591 Moon Road, Plainfield

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Staff Contact Information

Eric Berg, AICP, Senior Planner,  email Eric

Plan Commission Staff Report

Design Review Committee (August) Staff Report (issued 8/5/2022)
Design Review Committee (July)  No staff report due to receiving revised plans less than 24 hours before meeting time
Design Review Committee (June) Staff Report (issued 6/6/2022)
Design Review Committee (May) Staff Report (issued 5/9/2022)


To be determined