Downtown Parking Structure

Parking Sign

Opening officially on Monday, January 18, 2021, the new Plainfield Downtown Parking Structure will offer expanded parking options in downtown Plainfield, providing residents and visitors with about 250 additional, low-cost parking spaces with convenient access to shopping, entertainment and local government offices. 

The parking structure is the result of almost 20 years of research and discussion. Community input sessions held in 2017 supported the need for additional parking in the heart of downtown Plainfield.

  • Parking will be managed by Denison on behalf of the Plainfield Community Development Corporation (CDC)
  • 251 parking spaces available
  • Multi-level, multi-purpose--retail space and space for a restaurant build-out
  • Denison will work with businesses and residents directly on validation options and monthly passes.
  • Sundays are free from 6AM until 1PM
  • For Help or Information, contact Gabe Gebru at / 317-281-2080

Parking Rates

Up to 2 hours FREE
Up to 3 hours $4.00
Up to 4 hours $6.00
Up to 24 hours $8.00
Lost Ticket Fee $8.00