Microsoft Stream Upload Policy


  • Staff Handbook
  • The Town of Plainfield reserves the right to restrict or remove content at its discretion without warning
    • If a video is restricted or removed, please contact the IT helpdesk, and someone will look into the matter
  • Repeated violations of policies and guidelines will result in the following repercussions:
    • 1st offense: Warning
    • 2nd offense: Warning
    • 3rd offense: Upload privileges revoked


Avoid These

  • Violating Copyright: If you or the Town of Plainfield do not own the rights, or you do not have written consent from the Copywrite owner, DO NOT POST THE CONTENT, PERIOD
  • Solicitations
  • Profanity or obscene content
  • Oversharing: Microsoft Stream is not a personal service; the Town of Plainfield owns the content

Do These

  • Consider your audience: global, professional time-constrained, and future viewers as well as now
  • Post short videos: Respect the time the viewers are giving to your video and try not to waste it
  • Protect your and the town's brands: nothing is anonymous, so be aware of what the content will say about you and the Town of Plainfield
  • Keep private content private: If it does not need to be seen by everyone, restrict it to only those who should see it
    • If you don't know how to manage privacy in Stream…Learn Here or contact IT
  • Abide by the policies: See the above policies
  • Ask if you have any questions: Please ask the IT Department or Stephanie Singh if you have any questions or concerns