Administrative Offices

About the Town Manager

Andrew Klinger was appointed Town Manager on September 14, 2015. Andrew brought to Plainfield over twenty years of experience in public service in a variety of different roles including work as a municipal manager, attorney, strategic planner and economic developer. 


The Town Council is the only policy making body of the Town. To help them in this process, they receive recommendations from the various boards and commissions as well as the Town Manager. The Town Manager is the individual who directs the day to day operations of the Town in carrying out the policy directives of the Town Council.

The Town Manager oversees several departments within the Town of Plainfield, which all work to keep the town running smoothly and help carry out the policies of the Council.

Benefits of Strategic Planning & Fiscal Management

The Town of Plainfield and its residents have reaped numerous rewards as a result of sound strategic planning and fiscal management. Industrial and commercial development has escalated in Plainfield's industrial parks and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, zoning decisions have been made to control growth, and the town enjoys the lowest tax burden in all of Hendricks County.

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