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Permit Application and Submission Procedures 

The Plainfield Fire Territory has taken over the permitting and inspections for several types of permits that were previously performed by the Building Division.  In addition, several new permit types are required as indicated in the 2018 Fee Schedule.  Apply for a permit as described below, but contact the Fire Territory for questions and inspections for the following types of permits on multifamily, commercial, and industrial properties:  new fire alarms, mezzanines, platforms, racking or conveyors, special hazard fire suppression, or new sprinklers. 

Plainfield is using iWorQ for permit management, and you can now apply online for building permits.  You will begin by signing up for iWorQ or logging in and filling out the form found at Plainfield's iWorQ site.

Complete the building application form and attach the plans required for the applicable Residential or Commercial project as detailed in the submission procedures below.


Commercial (includes large multifamily structures) 




Site / Infrastructure Plan Review