Downtown Redevelopment FAQs

The Plainfield Town Council approved the Conceptual Plan in December 2017. The information provided is intended to explain why the Town has focused on redevelopment in the downtown area and to answer some of the top questions we have heard from residents.

Why Redevelopment

  • To be proactive with development. Developers have expressed interest in doing a mixed-use project in the downtown area. Instead of letting them develop whatever product they want, the Town wants to be proactive and let the community drive, shape and form what the downtown will look like in 20 years.
  • To diversify our investment and opportunities. In recent years, the Town's investment focus has been on the logistics sector within the Town, which has yielded significant private investment. The Town wants to diversify its public investment throughout the Town while providing additional options for housing, retail and entertainment.
  • To encourage downtown renewal. Downtown is the heart of any community. The Town wants to reinvest in and renew downtown by making it an active destination. Activity will create opportunities for existing businesses while attracting new businesses as well.
  • To create an identity for Plainfield. The Town wants to develop an identity for our downtown by encouraging a walkable, "village" type environment, which will serve as a social hub for our community.