The Street Department is responsible for maintaining town roads, maintaining public works facilities and grounds, minor infrastructure repairs, and mowing town-owned properties and right-of-ways. This department has the responsibility of maintaining town roads include snow removal, street repairs, street sweeping, and street sign maintenance.

The Town of Plainfield has approximately 145 centerline miles of roads for which the department cares. The Street Department is also responsible for ensuring the equipment and vehicles used for such operations is maintained and in good working condition.


A Street Light Outage

To report a street light outage, please provide:

  • Street address or intersection
  • Name of neighborhood
  • Pole number- there should be a small tag on the pole that helps identify the pole.

Once you have this information you can call Plainfield Public Works at 317-839-3490, or respond by using the Public Works Contact Us Form, and we will call it into the power company that maintains the street lights. You may report street light outages that are the responsibility of Duke Power directly to them at the Duke Energy website and receive notifications when the work is completed or regarding delays. 

Mailbox Damage by a Snowplow

If your mailbox is accidentally damaged by one of our snowplows, the town does have a mailbox replacement policy (PDF). To print out a form to report damage and file a claim, view the Mailbox and Post Damage Notification Form (PDF). You will need to complete the form and return it to the Department of Public Works at:
986 S Center Street
Plainfield, IN, 46168