Public Works

The Plainfield Department of Public Works is responsible for capital asset management, which includes:

  • Sewer collection
  • Streets
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment

Town Standards

To view the Town’s construction standards, please view the Town Standards (PDF).

Site / Infrastructure Plan Review

To apply for Site/Infrastructure Plan Review, please use the Site-Infrastructure Plan Review (PDF), and follow its instructions.

Water & Sewer Applications

For water and sewer repair applications, please view the iWorQ website.

Right-of-Way Permit

As of March 1, 2018, if you’re doing any kind of work in the Town’s right-of-way you’re required to apply online for a right-of-way permit at the iWorQ website. Public Works will no longer accept paper permits. If you’re not sure whether you’re working in the right-of-way, call Plainfield Public Works at 317-839-3490. Failure to obtain a permit or waiver may result in enforcement from the Town of Plainfield Public Works.

Items Required

The following items are required for all right-of-way permits prior to approval.

  • A $2,000 performance bond
  • A detailed plan/drawing of work being performed in the right-of-way showing existing utilities and/or any traffic control plan and restoration plans if applicable.

What May Require a Permit

The following also require a right-of-way permit:

  • Ramping or driving over the public sidewalk, walk path or trail
  • Using the right-of-way as a point of entry into a job site
  • Any residential water or sewer service line repair
  • Driveway extensions
  • Curb and Street cuts
  • Impeding the flow of traffic or lane closures
  • Dumpsters located on a public street
  • Irrigation installation