County Assessor Sending Out Assessments

Date: August 4, 2016

The Hendricks County Assessor’s Office will send out the Notice of Assessment of Land and Structures/Improvements (Form 11) on Friday August 5, 2016. The assessed value on the Form 11 is the starting point for calculating annual property tax payments. This notice will be sent to all Residential & Commercial/Industrial properties indicating the assessed value for the 2016 pay 2017 tax year. THIS IS NOT A BILL, but rather a Notice of Assessment Change from 2015 to 2016. You will have 45 days from the date of this Notice to file an Appeal with the Assessor’s Office if you feel your new assessment is not reflective of market value.  Please keep in mind that market value should be reflective of what you could or would sell your property for.  

   ***** THE DEADLINE TO FILE AN APPEAL FOR 2016 PAY 2017 IS SEPTEMBER 19, 2016. *****

For the past several years, this Notice has been sent out to Commercial/Industrial properties only. The tax bill that you received in the spring of past years has served as the Notice of Assessment change for Residential properties. The Form 11 will now supersede the notice provided with the tax bill mailing. If you do not feel that your new assessment is reflective of market value please do not wait until you receive your tax bill to file an appeal. An appeal filed in 2017 will be reviewed for the 2017 pay 2018 assessment year.

Assessed values may change when there is new construction, additions, remodeling, land use changes or due to annual adjustments based on market trending. For further information regarding land classification change & annual adjustments please refer to the county website at under Departments in the Assessor’s Office link.