South Center Street to Close July 26 for One Day Only

Date: July 26, 2016
Time: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM

South Center Street will close to traffic on Tuesday, July 25 for a single day for the application of a street preservation agent. It will be closed from CR 700E (Sugar Grove Road) to Stafford Road. In addition, roads around the middle school will experience slow traffic as roads will be closed off one lane at a time on that day as well for the application. Streets will be passable, but drivers will be asked to go slow. DPW workers will be directing traffic. Please cooperate with them.

The street preservation agent will be applied to roads that were resurfaced in late March/early April. They include South Center, Longfellow Lane, Stafford Road, and Elm Street. Those who live on the streets where the agent will be applied have been notified, along with other neighbors who live close enough to also be affected. Last year there were some complaints about the smell of the agent; this year DPW is trying to alert the community so those who are sensitive to smells can take precautionary measures like keeping their windows closed and staying indoor as much as possible that day. The agent will be applied in a single day. DPW is also using a different company to apply the product, and it will be applied in a lower concentration than before. There will still be a citrusy or pine smell, but it is expected to be less intense.

Questions should be directed to DPW at 839-3490.