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Do greenway trails attract crime and vandalism?

The Town of Plainfield has not experienced an increase in crime or vandalism along the existing 2.3 miles of greenway trails. Therefore, the Town would not expect crime or vandalism to be a problem with the continued expansion of the Greenway system.

How will the Town patrol the Greenway System?

The Plainfield Metropolitan Police Department will patrol the trailways with Bicycle Patrol Officers. Currently, the Police Department has 8 officers trained to provide citizen protection through the Bicycle Patrol Program.

How will emergency medical services be provided on the Greenway trails?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be provided by the Plainfield Fire Department. The trails will be designed to allow the Fire Department to respond to medical emergencies on the greenway rails. Also, the Fire Department has water rescue capabilitie.

Who will pick up the litter?

Trash has not presented much of a problem on most trail systems. The Town of Plainfield will adopt a "pack out what you pack in" position for litter removal. However, the Town will establish regular maintenance schedules for litter not removed by users.

What about illegal parking?

With the addition of Phase 1 to the existing greenway trails, illegal parking should not be a problem. However, as the greenway trails are expanded, illegal parking can become a problem. This problem can be alleviated by the addition of trailhead parking.

Will the Plainfield Greenway System raise local property taxes?

The Town does not plan to increase local property taxes to build or maintain the greenway trails.

Will high water along the White Lick Creek be a problem?

During periods of heavy rain, portions of the trails along White Lick Creek may be temporarily inundated with high waters. Gates will be incorporated into the design of the trails to prohibit access to areas of high waters.

Do you have a children's activity area?

Castaway Bay is a water playground for all ages that features a large dipping bucket with 281 gallons of water that dumps every 5 minutes. It includes water guns, fountains, and other spray features and water jets. Small children must remain in arms reach of an adult at all times. Do not hang on ropes or other apparatus. Do not walk in front of slides.