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Clerk Treasurer

Who do I contact about my ambulance bill?

You want to talk to Allison Marlar at 839-2561.

How do I contact the Plainfield Water and Sewer Billing Department?

Their phone number is 837-0000.

Where do I get a permit to have a garage/yard sale?

Talk to Sandy, the Town Cashier. She can give you the paperwork you will need.

Is there a limit on the number of garage/yard sales I can have?

Yes, the Town limits garage sales to 3 days at a time and only three weekends per year. Your yard is not zoned for commercial!

I want to run a business out of my home, what do I do?

 Sandy, the Town Clerk's Cashier, has the paperwork to fill out for this. Your business will first need to be approved by the Planning and Zoning Department. They will look at Article 4.3 of the Zoning Ordinance to see if your Home Occupation will be per

Where can I find a list of what's recyclable?

The Town of Plainfield contracts with Ray's Trash for recycling services. You may find a listing of what is collectable by following this link to the website for Ray's: